Colvin & Co. LLP

About Us


130 Years of History

Colvin & Co. is an agriculture-focused asset manager that owns and operates over 50,000 acres of organic and conventional row crop farmland across the United States. The management team’s family has owned and operated farmland for over 130 years, which provides the principals with deep agricultural expertise, excellent relationship with farm operators, and key agricultural contacts.  ​


Key Partnerships

Founded in 2009, Colvin & Co. is a family-owned business that understands agriculture is more than just producing crops. It requires growers to address profitability, soil fertility, conservation, and water preservation to name just a few. We work closely with agronomists, local universities, and end users to produce high quality crops and position our farms to be successful for many generations.


Regenerative Farming Practices

Our goal is to identify underutilized farming assets and develop innovative crop plans that focus on sustainable farming practices, regenerative soil health, and agricultural technology. Our farms produce over a dozen crops that are well positioned to benefit from changing consumer preferences and the global demand for grains.