Colvin Co. LLP
Colvin Co. LLP

Key Projects

Gunsmoke Farms


Gunsmoke Farms is a 34,000 acre contiguous organic row crop farm located in central South Dakota. The farm produces a diversified crop rotation of organic crops including spring wheat, winter wheat, field peas, alfalfa, and other small grains. Gunsmoke Farms has a strategic long-term partnership with General Mills to produce certified organic wheat through regenerative soil health practices.

Sunbreak Farms


Comprised of three contiguous farms, Sunbreak Farms is the largest row crop farm in South Florida with a total of 10,368 acres. The acreage was previously abandoned citrus groves that were converted to row crop production by removing the citrus beds, laser leveling the blocks, and repairing the irrigation and pumping infrastructure. The farm produces two crops a year with a rotation including corn silage, soybeans, and sorghum.

Sather Agriculture LP


The partnership was formed in 2009 to carry on the purchase, leasing, and management of a portfolio of row crop farmland located primarily in the Midwestern United States. Sather Agriculture LP acquires prime farmland and other agriculture assets for both income and long-term capital appreciation.

Managed Accounts


Colvin & Co., through a partnership with Tillable, LLC, oversees the farm practices, identification of qualified farm tenants, soil health and fertility, capital improvement projects, and farm data collection for over 30 organic and conventional row crop farms in the Midwestern United States for individuals and institutions.